Management Philosophy

  1. Targeting the enhancement of global management and achieving sustainable growth
  2. Pursuing the happiness of the employees and their families and aiming to become a company that is trusted by its shareholders, customers, suppliers, and communities
  3. Realizing a recycling-oriented society and widely contributing to the promotion of education, culture, and industry

  • Globalization : Expanding our business on a global scale
  • Innovation : Pioneering the new future of the paper with imagination and the creativity
  • Function : Creating added value by utilizing our abilities to plan and proposee
  • Trust : Responding to the trust our stakeholders place in us
  • (+1): By adding environmental initiatives to each element of this management vision, our Group endeavors to build a recycling-oriented society through proposals for environmentally friendly products, the collection of recovered paper, and the recycling of resources.

Long-term Management Vision "GIFT+1 2024"

Ahead of the centennial anniversary of its founding due in 2024, we have mapped out a long-term management vision.
Against the backdrop of great changes that are taking place in the environment surrounding the paper and pulp industry, the plan sets an axis of coordinates for the KPP Group to achieve sustainable growth.