We are targeting our 100th anniversary in 2024 to achieve our“GIFT+1 2024” long-term management vision. With this in mind, we are focusing on expanding our business domains and developing overseas markets as we pursue the development of a structure aimed at strengthening our Group-wide corporate culture. While we have achieved growth over many years on the strength of its paper, paperboard and other related businesses, with a contraction of the domestic paper market due to population decline, the shortage of recovered paper as raw materials and fluctuating crude oil prices, we expect to encounter a harsh environment moving forward. Nevertheless, paper covers a broad range of applications including functional paper, process paper and wrapping paper, and even in an information-oriented society, paper-based media continues to be essential.

I believe the keywords for the 21st century will be the co-existence of paper with ICT.

Moreover, with all manner of things starting to be “redefined” by the Internet, we are also responding to environmental changes with agility and have begun new challenges as we reorganize our business portfolio.

We will uncover the issues and needs facing the market, and with strategic initiatives through inter-company business tie-ups and new innovation-led efforts in ICT and other fields, we will strive to upgrade our peripheral businesses, accelerate overseas expansion and employ M&A activities to bolster our processing business.

As a truly global company, we are committed to enhancing corporate value and promoting business activities that establish operating foundations while considering the global environment.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.