The highest level of sales in Japan

Founded in 1924, Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. has been growing as a strongly customer-focused company. Since our early days, we have focused on the overseas and domestic markets. For example, we have entered the markets of Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America, in addition to increasing the number of bases in Japan. Responding to changes in the times ahead of others, we have continued to expand the area of our business through mergers and other measures. As a result, we now boast the highest level of sales in Japan.


A group of providers of solutions based on paper and peripheral materials

At Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., we have a vast amount of knowledge about a wide variety of paper and peripheral materials such as films. This knowledge has been accumulated through many years of operation. We trade an overwhelming quantity of materials as a trading company that knows materials perfectly, from printing paper and specialty paper for communication to commodities for living, industrial materials, and functional materials. Riding on the strength of our capacity, we have continued to cater to various customer needs. We are a group that provides solutions to customers’ issues based on the expertise that we have continued to accumulate since our foundation.

Promotion of environmentally friendly business

In addition to boasting strength in our sales bases, we strongly promote business that reduces our environmental impact.

Waste paper is a recycled resource that is used as an ingredient of paper. Waste paper from offices and households is collected and brought to paper manufacturer and recycled into more paper. This system is aimed at using valuable resources efficiently, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. is at the center of this recycling system. While we sell approximately 2.2 million tons of paper every year, we are also involved in the collection and sales of approx. 1.4 million tons of  waste paper. This volume is at the highest level among paper and pulp trading companies in Japan. This is another main business of Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. We undertake business to expand this circle of recycling under our Management Philosophy of “realizing a recycling-oriented society.”

For example, we suggest new recycling schemes, one example of which is ecomo.


Collecting recoverable resources that are dormant in society, from both households and offices

Town ecomo is a points program whereby people bring waste paper to stores such as supermarkets, put it in dedicated collection boxes, and receive gifts, such as gift certificates that can be used in the stores, in accordance with the weight of the waste paper they bring.

Office ecomo is a system under which confidential documents from offices and similar are collected safely and surely, turned into raw materials, and recycled into and provided as stationery products such as copying  paper for office use.

This business of strongly promoting recycling to protect the global environment is one of our core businesses.



Connecting customers with users via the internet

We also focus on the changes in lifestyles caused by the rapid development of information and communication technologies. As a party providing information via the Internet, we operate the Papermall, an e-commerce website aimed at rebuilding the existence value of paper. This website functions as an online store for domestic market where customers can purchase paper by the sheet, or even a single sheet of paper, and provides value-added information from a database of paper-related information. It allows us to approach numerous customers and end users, enabling the creation of new businesses. We evolve this website on a day-to-day basis.